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18 months, 10 clients, 25 projects.

Burditt Consulting transforms strong companies into sharper, smarter, better versions of themselves. Our unique approach to understanding your business, your market, and your clients sets us apart. In partnership with you, we work to develop strategies that drive customer acquisition, growth and retention—in ways that are actionable and evolutionary. In a nutshell, we help executive teams reinvent sales, marketing and customer experiences that work—because they REIGNITE revenue!

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25 Years Advising Companies to Reignite Revenue Growth

Scott Burditt
Scott BurdittManaging Partner

Growing up in the 1980s on a fourth generation family farm, I experienced first hand an economic crisis more severe than any since the Great Depression. Many of those who relied on agriculture for their livelihoods faced financial ruin, and my family was no different. I watched my father desperately realize the only way to save one of the things he loved most, his family’s farm, was to reinvent himself and his business. It is this childhood memory that inspired my commitment to help mid-size companies reinvigorate their sales, marketing and customer experience to reignite revenue growth.

For 25 years, I have listened with genuine curiosity to the challenges and goals of others. I have used those moments of customer frustration and dreams to fuel business growth by creating and operationalizing sales, marketing, and customer experience strategies that help companies acquire, retain and grow customer relationships.

I’d love to learn about your desire to grow your business and together explore ways you make that happen.

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Your business can do more, be more and grow more.

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