What We Do

“The purpose of business is to create and acquire customers.” Peter Drucker

It’s simple. But not easy. This is where we come in. Through sales, marketing and customer experience planning and execution, we help you acquire, grow and retain customers.

Our approach is part management consulting firm and part advertising agency. We are results-driven strategists with a process orientation that you’ve come to expect from management consultants. But we’re also creatives, who use the principles of design thinking to solve the most complex revenue problems.

Our Offerings

Strategic Planning

Every business needs a roadmap for how they are to grow. Our approach always starts with getting to know your customer and prospect. This foundation identifies the strategic imperatives of your roadmap and inspires you to think about your future differently. Creating a roadmap based on your vision, we collaboratively design clear, executable and measurable strategies for growth. And, when all members of your organization contribute to, understand and communicate the same message, growth is inevitable.
  • Competitor & customer research
  • Strategic & design thinking
  • Planning framework
  • Execution oversight
  • Change management
  • Scorecard development

Customer Insights

We want to help you identify and understand your ideal customer. Through both qualitative and quantitative methods, we uncover the unique voice of your customer. We will help you understand their perceptions while also learning about their needs they have yet to articulate. Using qualitative and quantitative research methods, we bring numbers and emotions together to gain valuable insights about your customers.
  • In-depth interviews
  • Ethnographic observations
  • Focus groups
  • Online satisfaction surveys
  • Usability testing
  • Meeting facilitation

Product Management

While the purpose of every business is to create and keep customers, this happens through value delivered by products and services. We help companies ensure their offering is unique and delivers the value required to create and keep customers. We help organizations build business models, growth plans and product roadmaps, and for those organizations looking to create a repeatable approach to innovation and product development, we offer a methodology to help you continuously bring new offerings to the market.
  • Competitive & market analysis
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Product development
  • Product positioning & pricing
  • Launch planning & management
  • Customer needs discovery

Marketing & Branding

Telling your story is hard. We work with you to cut through the clutter for clear, concise messaging and design. We help you define and articulate your brand through a differentiating value proposition and brand promise, and we ensure this brand manifests itself in every touch point you have with your customer.
  • Brand positioning & development
  • Web design & development
  • Campaign development
  • Design & copywriting
  • Social selling & marketing
  • Content strategy & creation

Sales & Channel Effectiveness

We believe the highest performing sales organizations have carefully addressed three critical components — targeted offerings, an optimized sales process and an effective sales team. We zero-in on just the right mix of changes to those components to produce your desired results, and we carefully choreograph the touch points required to turn a prospect into a lead and eventually a new client.
  • Client target & activity planning
  • Salesforce design
  • Account planning
  • Salesforce effectiveness
  • Channel planning
  • Performance & reward system

Customer Experience

Delivering consistent experiences to customers across all channels is no small feat. There are so many variables involved in delivering great customer experiences. We help you not only dream up your ideal experience, but we diligently ensure it is executed in a scalable and sustainable manner. We help you cultivate a customer-centric culture, design valuable and share worthy experiences and measure your customer’s satisfaction and loyalty
  • Voice of customer
  • Experience strategy
  • Customer centric culture building
  • Leadership coaching
  • Experience & service design
  • Journey & touchpoint mapping

Client Enablement

We leave our client sites with the client being a stronger, better version of themselves. We offer various training, coaching and keynote presentations to inspire your team to think about your business and its growth in news ways. We have programs designed to develop your organization build competencies in strategic thinking, customer listening, customer experience, growth leadership snd sales/marketing alignment.
  • Training & development
  • Keynote speeches
  • Coaching & advisory services
  • Performance audits
  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Staffing support

Let’s Grow Together!

Growth is our purpose – let’s do it together.

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