Who We Are

When someone asks what we do at Burditt Consulting, it is tempting to point out our track record for helping to transform great companies into sharper, smarter, better versions of themselves. While that is true, our mission is to help companies create and implement customer experience, marketing, and sales strategies that work—and to do so with high levels of success, value, and revenue growth.

We work with top executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions, and deliver the sustainable success they desire. For years, we have been passionate about achieving better results for our clients.

Burditt Consulting advises leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities in customer experience, marketing, and sales—across all industries and geographies. Together, we work to build top-line revenue through customer acquisition, retention and growth.

Let Burditt Consulting help reinvent, reinvigorate, and reignite your brand.

Burditt Consulting — Inspiring you to greatness.

Scott Burditt

As a naturally curious person, I love nothing more than to ask thought-provoking questions and listen to clients and their customers share stories of what they are unsuccessfully attempting to achieve. For more than two decades, I have used those moments of frustration to fuel business growth by creating solutions and leading businesses to deliver these solutions to the market.

  • Changed the way investors transact business by leading the creation of the first transactional mutual fund web site
  • Saved the financial services industry millions by overseeing the development of the industry’s first electronic statement, trade confirmation and compliance documentation
  • Identified new uses for an old agricultural commodity by facilitating the collaboration of scientists, government officials, business executives and international diplomats
  • Helped credit unions underwrite jumbo mortgages by partnering with investment banks to create a credit union mortgage-backed security
  • Changed the value proposition of a creative services firm from printed retail signage to digital resulting in 55 percent growth and 1,000 percent increase in profits
  • Transformed the experience of a regional bank into an advisory-based experience resulting in a 20 percent increase in customer satisfaction leading to a 50 percent increase in loan production
Managing Partner

With broad industry experience, a laser-focus on customers, an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, a curiosity for discovering the root of any problem, and a collaborative approach to aligning people around a common vision, I creatively invent, communicate, and execute transformative strategies that achieve growth.

Let’s Grow Together!